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Torex ATV Rentals
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer 
Published in the October 5, 2017 edition

Avery Duman is the owner of Torex ARV Rentals, located four miles south of Florence, on the same property as Sand Dunes Frontier.

I spoke to Avery about his business, which he’s owned since October of 2006, and which has between eight and ten employees.

“We have single quads for rent,” said Avery, “and two, four and six seat side-by-side utility terrain vehicles.  We’re centrally located in the middle of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation area and easy to find.  Our customers enjoy riding some of the biggest dunes and catch the most breathtaking views along the Oregon Coast.  And we’re the only ATV rental company in Florence!”

Avery Duman of Torex ATV Rentals.

I asked Avery what he recommends that people bring or wear when considering renting an ATV.

“I usually tell people to wear closed toe shoes, long-sleeved shirts…we provide helmets and goggles, and it’s not necessary to wear gloves or bandanas, but some people might want to,” Avery replied.  “And prior experience isn’t necessary; we have both a beginner’s and expert’s course.”

What about safety precautions? “We provide safety tutorials, go over vehicle operation with all customers, and we make sure everyone is as comfortable with the riding experience as possible,” said Avery.  “We can accommodate anywhere from 25-35 people riding the dunes at once, so don’t be afraid to bring a group out to enjoy the dunes.  We’ve had people from all over the world experience this, everywhere from Europe, Asia…we get a lot of Canadian tourists here.”

I asked Avery what the best part of owning Torex ATV Rentals was, and he replied, “Making people smile, I guess, making everyone happy.  We really do our best to accommodate folks and make sure they get the best outdoor Oregon experience possible.  Right now things are slowing down because school is back in session. Our busiest time is between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but we’re open all year long, rain or shine!”

Torex ATV Rentals has a half-hour minimum ride, but their normal trip lasts about two hours.

“I would recommend coming in the morning, before the wind picks up,” Avery said. “And we tend to have less people coming then, so we can spend a bit more time with each customer.  We get people anywhere from three years old and up.  There’s no minimum age to drive a single seat ATV, but we ask that customers be 21 or older to drive a side-by-side, or at least have an adult accompany anyone under 18.”

Avery said that Torex ATV Rentals advertises in the South Coast Shopper because, “the more the merrier, I guess!  We’ve had responses from our ads so they’re working.”

As for future plans, Avery says they plan on expanding their courses every year, continuing to make the dune riding experience the best they can for their customers.

“We’ve also done some updating on our website (torexatvrentals.com) and have a Facebook and Instagram page.  And customers can now make reservations online,” Avery finished.

So if you’re looking for a true Oregon coast adventure, give Torex ATV Rentals a call at 541-997-5363.  They’re open from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week!

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