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Tye Dye Tattoo
By Annette Langenstein, Staff Writer
Published in the July 6, 2017 edition 

Cindy Harry opened Tye Dye Tattoo, located at 1898 Winchester Avenue, #1 in Reedsport on March 3 of 2017.  She moved to live in Winchester Bay in November of 2016, coming from Salem, where she worked for three years at Hot Rod Betties Tattoo Shop and School.

“I’m not your average tattoo artist,” said Cindy. “As my business cards say, it’s a whole new tattoo experience that you’ll get with me.  I spent 25 years in the retail convenience store/gas station business before deciding to go on to a new career. I’ve always been an artist and oil painter, and was interested in tattooing, so I went to tattoo school later in life than most people do. I was trained right at Hot Rod Betties because they’re a licensed tattoo school, and now I am a licensed tattoo teacher myself.  Sometimes a person can be intimidated by the typical tattoo shop. No one will be intimidated by coming in to my shop. It's bright and open, small and cozy, and I play country or oldies on the radio. As said above, ‘it's a whole new tattoo experience."

There’s a new tattoo artist in Reedsport! Cindy Harry, owner and tattoo artist of Tye Dye Tattoo is pictured here working on a customer. 

I asked Cindy to describe what she does in her shop.

“Basically it’s just tattooing; I’m not licensed to do piercings; that is a whole different school course.  I work with custom art that people bring in…photos, etc.  If someone doesn’t have their own artwork, then I set up a consultation and I’ll find out what kind of ideas they have, sort of pick their brain.  Once I get a firm idea of what they want, I go with it.  It’s really important to pin down exactly what customers want in a tattoo, and they can get lots of ideas from the photos I have of my work in my shop, or they can visit Cindy Harry Tye Dye Tattoo on my Facebook page.  I don’t charge for creating new artwork, either; that’s included in my prices.”

Cindy said that right now she’s “just trying to build my clientele and a satisfied customer is going to tell someone else about my work.  I’ve tattooed everyone from housewives to doctors to 18 year olds on their birthdays.  Oregon law states that you have to be 18 years old or more to get a tattoo.  In years past, parents could sign for tattoos for their children under 18, but you can’t do that anymore.”

Cindy says that the best part of her job is “meeting people from all walks of life and being able to put what they want into art on their skin.  I want to continue giving art to people, stay here and increase my clientele.  I’ve done art all my life and to me, tattooing is just a different way of painting.”

I asked Cindy why she decided to advertise in the Shopper.

“Ever since we came here, the South Coast Shopper is something we picked up every week.  We even found a good contractor that poured the foundation for our shop from reading the Shopper!  Years ago I worked at a little Shopper called the Tell & Sell in Sweet Home.  Everybody read it, and it’s still going strong. It’s a very popular paper, just like the Shopper!”

Tye Dye Tattoo is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 7pm, and other days by appointment. Their phone number is 541-619-4192 or 541-361-6666.

“I really want to meet the people here in Reedsport,” said Cindy.  So stop in, look at my album, and talk to me!  I’ve had people say they’ll be back because this is such a friendly place!”

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