How the South Coast Shopper Works for You  
Community participation of the South Coast Shopper

The South Coast Shopper is a free weekly publication containing free* classified ads from the community, which creates reader participation for the South Coast Shopper. *(10 word classified ads are free to the public). Sellers read the Shopper to see their ads, buyers read the Shopper for items they need. A person that sells items has money to spend, a person looking to buy also has money to spend. This is a win win opportunity for the community and businesses. 
  • Distribution: The South Coast Shopper is centered in Coos Bay/North Bend Oregon and distributed from the Florence/Mapleton area, South to Brookings, along highway 101 to the California Border, East to the town of Remote on Highway 42 and past Drain on Highway 38 towards I-5. This area is known as the Southern Oregon Coast.

  •      The South Coast Shopper is a free publication with a weekly circulation of 18,000 copies that are picked up each Thursday at many of the local businesses on the Southern Oregon Coast.
  • Return rate 2%: 98% of the South Coast Shoppers are picked up each week by the public. Our distribution people have kept track of the papers that are not picked up at each distribution location and then adjusted the amount left at each location up or down to best equalize and utilize the amount of papers needed for print each week. This gets your message to the more people, but keeps expenses down for you the advertiser.
  • Professional Sales Staff: Our sales staff of  local experienced people have spent years at their craft and do an excellent job of communicating with the businesses and community. Most of our sales agents have lived in the community for an extended period of time. 
    • ~ DeEsta Kuehn, 22 years in the community, 20 years as a sales agent, and 19 years as the Classified Department Manager for The South Coast Shopper. 
      ~ Amanda Palmer, 10 years in the community, with 6 years sales and marketing experience.
      ~ Katrina Smith, a south coast native, 2 years as a sales agent for the South Coast Shopper.
      ~ Sharon Ballard, 3 years in the community, with experience in sales and marketing for 20 years.
  • Professional Production: The production crew of the Shopper is equipped with the latest in computer technology, including high speed network and internet connection, to give the Shopper the ability to communicate with the community and businesses.  Up to date art work, and ad design programs, for professional ad layout, to best serve the advertisers using the South Coast Shopper to get their messages to the community 
      ~ Cathlene Ripley, 19 years in the community and 7 years as Production Manager/Graphic Designer, after 5 years as Graphics Designer for the South Coast Shopper.
      ~ Katlin McLean, 7 years in the community. 2 years as a Graphic Designer.
      ~ Annette Langenstein, staff writer, 25 years in the community. 
      ~ Britney Gordon, a Coos County native, 1 year as Co-Office Manager, 10 years as Office Secretary for The South Coast Shopper, and has been Assistant Manager for the Classified Department for 3 years.

      On-line services: Classified ads maybe viewed or submitted at All classified ads are placed on-line each week, along with an actual copy of the South Coast Shopper is placed on-line that is easily viewed. This gives the South Coast Shopper fresh copy each week to peak on-line viewers interest and to encourage maximum traffic for advertisers. As one of the first on-line publications in 1994 we are well experienced in web page hosting, composing and on-line services.  has been a part of the South Coast Shopper for over 13 years

      A weekly publication like the South Coast Shopper can cost advertisers 83% less to reach the same amount of customers as daily publications.
      Cereal and advertising:  Breakfast cereal companies usually start with one brand of breakfast cereal, but soon discover they can increase revenue if they add another brand of cereal to their line, this will generate more shelf space in the market place. The effect is grocery stores spend more money to stock more brands of cereal  This does not mean they will sell more cereal or that the consumer will eat more cereal.

       Print publications like newspapers usually start with a weekly distribution day. Then discover they can increase revenue by adding publication days and become a daily, giving advertisers the opportunity to spend more money to reach the same customers, like breakfast cereal companies creating brands to increase shelf space. 
      You only need to use a weekly publication to reach your customer, a daily newspaper causes the advertiser to spend more money to get their message to the same customers.

      Take advantage of this local gem, use The South Coast Shopper
      to introduce your merchandise and services to the community.

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