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Apr 8, 2021 Edition
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Out Our Back Door

    South Slough a Treat In All Four Seasons


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    PHOTO CAPTION: Water to the left of her, water to the right of her, a South Slough visitor takes a trail atop a former levee.

    By Tom Baake
    (As part of our series for visitors and new residents on recreational opportunities, this week's focus is on the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve near Charleston. In addition to some of the best hiking trails, there are miles of waterways for paddlers, anglers and birders to enjoy.)
    Set aside in 1974 as America's first estuary preserve, South Slough protects more than 4800 acres of tidelands and upland forest for research, education and limited recreation. It's the largest arm of the vast Coos Bay Estuary, which spreads nearly 20 square miles.
    Estuaries are protected embayments where rivers meet the sea. The continual motion of ocean tides and upland runoff provides nutrients for a wide variety of plants and animals – from salt-tolerant grasses and plants to worms, clams and other tiny creatures buried in the mud.
    Multitudes of young fish and crabs grow up in this wild nursery, and along with insects and amphibians, provide a source of food for resident and migratory waterfowl and birds. (And sometime us, too, farther up the food chain.)
    There are hiking trails and an interpretive center at South Slough, and the waterways can be accessed from a couple of places. The interpretive center has brochures and maps for hikers and paddlers, as do local visitor centers. Admission is free and the trails are open year round for day-use. The interpretive center is currently closed because of the pandemic, but the trails and waterways remain open, with brochures and maps available in an outdoor rack, and also on their website.
    There are five hiking trails, most of which can be linked for longer walks and loops. At the very least, take the Ten-Minute Tour just outside the interpretive center, or head down to more ambitious trails. Hidden Creek Trail is a favorite, and includes the whimsically-named Skunk Cabbage Walk.
    About 1 mile south of the interpretive center is the Hinch Lane access -- a mile-long gravel road leading to another trail around an old farmstead valley, and farther along to a paddler launch site.
    Getting There
    From US 101 in Coos Bay or North Bend, follow signs to Charleston, State Parks, Ocean Beaches. Once in Charleston, head west on Cape Arago Highway. Just west of town, go left (S) on Seven Devils Rd., following the sign to South Slough Reserve and Bandon.
    The road curves up into the hills, with clearcuts sometimes opening up unexpected vistas, while the growing-back forest hems in the road in other places.
    At 4.4 miles is the interpretive center, currently closed as noted, but with free access to the trails year round during daylight. The previously mentioned Ten-Minute Tour offers an overview of the slough, with interpretive signs that identify plants, trees and other features.
    Branching off the Ten-Minute Tour is North Trail, which as might be presumed, makes a trek northward, negotiating forests and canyons. It's also the preserve's dog-free trail; leashed dogs are allowed on the other trails. You can do an out-and-back walk on this trail, or use it to connect with a couple of other trails back to the interpretive center.
    Several other trails are accessible from the interpretive center. You can also walk or drive down a short gravel road to the Hidden Creek Trail. From the parking area, the footpath heads down through thick stands of salal, Oregon grape and huckleberry. Overhead, rocking gently in the breeze, is a classic mixed-species forest of cedar, fir, hemlock and spruce.
    There are benches and interpretive signs, along with footbridges across muddy areas. The Skunk Cabbage Walk is a fun section on an elevated wooden walkway that traverses a leafy sea of this distinctive and aromatic plant.
    The walkway continues through a marsh of salt-tolerant eelgrass and pickleweed to the edge of the slough, where a two-level viewing platform offers a chance to perhaps spot a stately blue heron or snow-white egret feeding along the mudflats.
    From here you can return to the parking area on Big Cedar Trail, or take one of two trails to the Sloughside Pilings and loop back, or connect to the North Trail for a bigger loop.
    Every trail and every season brings discoveries at South Slough, and it's also a year round sanctuary for the soul, often overlooked and always rewarding. While overhead, the big trees rock and sigh in the breeze, rock and sigh in the breeze . . .

    (Shopper columnist Tom Baake is author of regional guidebooks available at bookstores, the Coos Bay Visitor Center and at
    Hiking Trails Abound for Locals and Visitors Alike
    Tom Baake

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    PHOTO CAPTION: A hiker strolls through a classic coastal forest of cedar, spruce and fir.

    By Tom Baake
    Following up on last week's launch of an ongoing "back to the beginning" series for visitors and new residents, here's a brief overview of the area's popular hiking trails.
    First, however, I must acknowledge that by far the most popular walking destinations are our many fine beaches. You can find them strung like a strand of pearls all along the southern Oregon coast, in town and in-between towns. In fact, there are so many potential beach walks that I'll be devoting a column to them in this series.
    Of the many hiking opportunities, you'd be hard pressed to find a more complete package than the trail that runs along the Cape Arago headlands through the three state parks near Charleston. It's an out and back hike so consider a vehicle shuttle, parking one in the state park at the tip of Cape Arago, about 4 miles.
    The trail begins at the south end of Sunset Beach State Park and heads uphill. At the top is a side trail to the first of many awesome viewpoints.
    The main trail passes a group campground, then swings down past Norton Gulch. Uphill again, the trail tops out at a lighthouse viewpoint. Just past there, at a "T" intersection, go right (N) and pass more viewpoints before arriving at flats above the crashing sea with unusual geological formations known as concretions. Here, too, is the old tennis court of Shore Acres, former estate of an early-day lumber baron.
    And then here is Shore Acres, atop a wave-lashed shoreline. The lumber baron's estates burned, but his famed botanical gardens thrive.
    The trail skirts the gardens, drops down to Simpson Beach, then climbs again to another "T" intersection. Go right (W). The trail is seasonally flooded in some places, but resumes an easy ramble, arriving at the Simpson Reef sealion overlook.
    Now cross the street and follow the trail up through the woods, arriving at a group campground. Here too is the south trailhead for the Cape Arago Pack Trail, closed right now by windblown trees.
    Follow the gravel access road down to the loop road at Cape Arago. If you left a shuttle vehicle here, you're all set for a return on Cape Arago Highway. If not, retrace your 4-mile walking route – enjoyable twice! There are other trails in the state parks, although they're not well marked.
    Another premier hiking destination is South Slough National Estuarine Reserve near Charleston. Go 4.4 miles south on Seven Devils Rd. to the Interpretive Center, which accesses trails that can be made into loops. There are more trails in another access area a couple of miles south.
    Get terrestrial and waterway trail maps at the Interpretive Center or download them from the South Slough website. Or just go for and follow the signs. Trails are open dawn to dusk year round, with free entry. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on all but the North Trail.
    The cities of Coos Bay and North Bend offer intriguing walks that belie their proximity to busy city streets. Topping the list are 4 miles of paved and gravel trails that encircle pretty Empire Lakes in John Topits Park in Coos Bay's Empire District. There are two well-signed accesses from Newmark Ave., off Hull St. and Ackerman St.
    Another splendid setting is Mingus Park near downtown Coos Bay, Its classic lake is circled by a smoothly-asphalted, level walking trail, and there are connecting footpaths up the slopes above the park.
    Other Coos Bay hikes include the Blossom Gulch trail, the Coos Bay Boardwalk trail, and the Millicoma Marsh trails in Coos Bay's Eastside District.
    In North Bend, at the north end of town, are three adjacent parks connected by an easy trail through dense woods and sculpted open areas, with several outstanding McCullough Bridge views.
    North of the McCullough Bridge is the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, with plenty of room for all-terrain vehicles and miles of vehicle-free trails and lots of beach access. The most popular walks in the Horsfall Beach access area are at Bluebill Lake and Horsfall Beach. Another must-see is the Dellenback Dunes trail near Lakeside.
    Also near Lakeside is another gem – Eel Lake trail in William Tugman State Park. This well-engineered hiker/biker trail follows the lake's south shoreline for about two miles, providing glimpses of this surprisingly large "Dune Country" freshwater lake.
    Meantime, south of Coos Bay, the Bandon area has opportunities ranging from some of the coast's most beautiful beach settings -- with 5 accesses along Beach Loop Drive -- to the little visited but well maintained trail system at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.
    Seven miles south of Bandon on US 101 is the Bureau of Land Management's New River preserve, with fun hiking trails that can be made into loops.
    As might be deduced, there's a proverbial plethora of hiking possibilities hereabouts, and this isn't even a complete list. So whether it's your first time or your 50th, it's always a treat to get out and enjoy the splendor right out our back door.

    (Next in the series: the beach scene. Shopper columnist Tom Baake is author of the guidebook "Out Our Back Door," with details and maps of all these places. Buy it at bookstores, the Coos Bay Visitor Center or at
    A Bit About Our Beaches
    Tom Baake

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    PHOTO CAPTION: This postcard photo of the Bandon Arch in the 1920s promotes local beaches and "beach amusements."

    By Tom Baake
    The splendid variety of beautiful beach settings has always been among the top reasons people visit or live along Oregon's South Coast. There were also practical concerns. In the era before roads, the beaches were the only way in and out of some places. These days, it's mostly about recreation. But spend any time at all on local beaches and you'll likely meet regulars who visit the seashore nearly every day. More about that in a moment.
    The two most important things to remember about any visit is to stay off the beach during storms, and at all other times be alert for the unpredictable phenomena called sneaker waves. These larger-than-normal waves can occur at any time, tide, weather or season, sweeping away people, pets and possessions. You'll hear this mantra all along the coast: Never turn your back on the ocean. I also keep at least one foot on solid ground (or rock) when exploring tidepools or rocky shorelines.
    One of the most dramatic examples of a local sneaker wave can be viewed on a YouTube video shot by Steve Raplee at Bastendorff Beach near Charleston. (Search the phrase Coos Bay Sneaker Wave).
    Another warning: the beach can be addictive. Literally. Blame it on all the negative ions and healthful ozone and other feel-good chemicals constantly churned up by the waves. Negative ions accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels, which are connected to mood and stress. Thanks to all these wonderful beach settings that trigger naturally occurring anti-depressant molecules like serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, some people develop a habit for that dose of sensory satisfaction, and feel constricted if they haven't had their daily beach walk.
    Some meaningful romance may also occur. Like many drugs, a trip to the beach can both enhance experiences or make them painfully memorable. In that latter category, my first serious crush blossomed on a 5th grade beach trip. The name of the beach escapes me but the girl was Debbie Drake and I can only hope she was unaware of my feelings, whether ocean-driven or just hormonal.
    Although it wouldn't have helped at the time, research shows the sound of waves alters patterns in the brain so you go into a deeply relaxed state. Ocean spray is also loaded with essential minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium that get absorbed through the skin. In so many ways, the beach helps with healing -- everything from damaged skin to unrequited love (although the latter is not quantified by clinical research).
    In another practical aspect, beaches provide access to the ocean and its vast food supply – everything from seaweed to surfperch to a hundred other delicacies. The list of beneficial beach aspects goes on, but let's not overthink things. Heck, any day it's not windy is a good day at the beach.
    Getting There
    There are beaches in just about every South Coast community, and in between towns, too. Some are well known, well signed and much visited, while others require some effort to enjoy. If you're seeking solitude, consider that the farther you have to walk to get to a beach, the fewer people will be there. A good example is the trail to the beach at the mouth of Tahkenitch Creek between Reedsport and Florence. Two-plus miles of hiking -- some of it plodding through loose sand – is required, which considerably thins out prospective beachcombers.
    The Dellenback Dunes trail near Lakeside is another 2-plus mile hike that ends at a lonely beach.
    Horsfall Beach in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is busy at the road's-end day use area, but the crowds diminish as you walk north or south.
    A $5 daily use fee or annual pass is required at Tahkenitch, Dellenback and Horsfall; all other beaches discussed here are free.
    The previously-mentioned 1.5-mile Bastendorff Beach near Charleston is the area's most popular beach. Also in that vicinity are Smelt Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Sunset Beach, Simpson Beach, and the cove beaches at the tip of Cape Arago.
    Between Coos Bay and Bandon, Whiskey Run Beach allows vehicles, while just to the north is vehicle-free Seven Devils State Recreation Site.
    The beach beginning at the north jetty of the Coquille River near Bandon offers nearly 5 miles of potential wandering. You can also get to it from the Cut Creek Trails within Bullards Beach State Park north of Bandon, and from the Beach Trail at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.
    In Bandon proper are some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Oregon Coast, accessed from five sites along Beach Loop Drive.
    As might be deduced, you're never far from a beach around here. So whether you're casting for surfperch or hunting for agates or just getting some fresh air, here's hoping you make time to visit one of our local sandy treasures. And remember, it's a brain chemical thing -- you almost can't help having fun! Or so I tried to convince young Miss Drake . . .

    (Shopper columnist Tom Baake is author of regional guidebooks available at bookstores, the Coos Bay Visitor Center and at
    Enjoy the Oregon Dunes
    Tom Baake

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    PHOTO CAPTION: Visitors admire Hall Lake and the big dune that looms above it in the Oregon Dunes near Lakeside.

    (For visitors and folks new to Oregon's South Coast, this is another in the Back to the Beginning series about some of the region's popular recreational opportunities.)
    The full name is the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. That's National as in National Treasure. Fitting title for such a spectacular setting.
    It didn't happen without controversy, of course – what does? To this day, there are conflicts and challenges, but the fact is that for most folks, the Oregon Dunes are a vast sandy playground, bordered on the west by miles of long, flat beaches.
    Administered by the U.S. Forest Service as part of Siuslaw National Forest, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (ODNRA) begins just north of the North Bend/Coos Bay area and stretches more than 40 miles north to Florence.
    It's more than just sand, of course. It's actually all about water, beginning with the ocean, which continues to deliver and redistribute the sand.
    Then there's fresh water, falling in rainy tons through winter and spring, coursing endlessly from mountains near and far. Along the way the runoff picks up silt and sand – fine grains of various minerals – which is tumbled seaward, only to be scoured and polished by the relentless ocean and washed ashore again to create beaches and dunes.
    Although most of the water eventually flows into rivers and estuaries, some of it is slowed by more than 30 coastal lakes, and some soaks into the sand, replenishing a vast aquifer routinely tapped by residents and municipal water agencies throughout Dunes Country.
    You can't travel far without encountering water, be it salt, "sweet" or a brackish mixture. Low-lying areas flood during the rainy season, while the creeks that drain coastal lakes carve serpentine channels on their seaward course.
    Still, the dunes are best known for dreamy reaches of sculpted sand, shifting by day and by season. The dune shapes actually change, and are described with such technical terms as transverse, oblique and parabola. Another unique feature are 11 "tree islands," isolated remnants of older coastal forests now surrounded by sand.
    What's becoming less common are wide open stretches of sand, thanks to intrusion of European beach grass, planted to stabilize embankments of coastal rivers, but now a nuisance. Along with Scotch Broom – another invasive -- it spreads over more open sand every year. A multi-agency and public partnership currently under way is aptly called Save the Dunes, because without some drastic efforts, the dunes will be grown over in less than 40 years.
    It's one of many management issues faced by Dunes administrators, who must also strike a balance between areas open to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and sections closed to vehicles. Since ATV riders are by far the majority of dunes visitors, much of the recreational development is focused on them. (Surrounding towns also reap the dunes' economic benefits.)
    Most ATVers bring their own toys, and there are rental places at all the access areas, beginning at the Horsfall Beach area at the south end of the dunes system. Many campgrounds, such as the Boxcar Hill facility and the Horsfall Beach area campgrounds, are set up specifically for ATV access.
    Most ATV accesses are easily reached from US 101. The Horsfall Beach access is an exception, so here are directions: From the north end of North Bend, cross McCullough Bridge. In 0.9 mile turn left (W) on Trans Pacific Parkway. Follow it across a causeway, over a short bridge and across two sets of railroad tracks. Boxcar Hill is on the right (N), and just past it is the entrance to the Horsfall Beach access. A $5 daily fee or annual pass is required here and at most other ODNRA accesses.
    Other ATV-friendly campgrounds include Riley Ranch County Park near Hauser, the ODNRA Spinreel Campground near Lakeside; and Douglas County campgrounds at Half Moon Bay and Windy Cove in Winchester Bay.
    Hikers and equestrians can explore trails throughout the dunes; there's even a horse campground at the Wild Mare campground near Horsfall Beach. Fat-tire bicyclists have also fallen in love with the place.
    The most popular hike is the Dellenback Dunes trail just off US 101 near Lakeside. About 1 mile north of there on US 101, take Wildwood Drive across from William Tugman State Park for about 1 mile to the Hall Lake day-use area, with short trails and open dunes.
    Dunes headquarters is in Reedsport, and they have a wealth of information, much of which is available online.
    One of the best things about the Oregon Dunes is you can enjoy them every season, and every season brings its own discoveries. So whether it's your first time or your fiftieth visit, you can have fun exploring this special place so close at hand to South Coast communities, just "out our back door."

    (Shopper columnist Tom Baake is author of regional guidebooks available at book stores, the Coos Bay Visitor Center and at
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Examples: Ranger XLT by Ford would be abbreviated to: Ford Ranger XLT OceanRunner Rainbow Series by WildSeas would be abbreviated to: WildSeas Rainbow OceanRunner In the body of an ad always use numerals. Example: Newer 3bdr home. At the beginning of an ad spell out short numbers. (Example: Three bdr home.) As always, if you do not want your ad abbreviate we can use the longer version for $2. 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Thunderbird — T-Bird tilt steering wheel — tilt Ton, ton, 1 ton, ¾ ton, etc — t, t, 1t, ¾t, etc trailer — trlr transmission/tranny — trans weight (hitch) — wt wheels — whls NOTE: John Deere the company uses J.D. themselves, so “John Deere” and “J.D.” are acceptable RV’s, ATV’s/CYCLES, BOATS awning — awn fifth wheel — 5th whl fully self contained — fsc generator — gen motorhome — mh self contained — sc wheels — whls 4 wheeler — 4whlr, 3whlr four wheeler — 4whlr, 3whlr Harley Davidson — Harley HD — Harley aluminum — alum electric — elec Evinrude — Evin galvanized — galv # horse power — #hp # horse — #hp inboard — i/b inboard/outboard — i/o long shaft — ls Mercury (boats only) — Merc outboard — o/b outdrive — o/d short shaft — ss Animals # months old — #mos # years old — #yrs puppies — pups spayed — spay neutered — neut female — fm male — m up to date — utd Appliances/Furniture box spring — box California — Cal capacity — cap entertainment — ent queen — qu refrigerator — fridge wooden — wood Electronics Gigabyte — gb Gigahertz — ghz Hewlett-Packard — HP high definition — hd high def — hd high def tv — hdtv Mega bytes — mb Megapixels — mp Nintendo — Nin Play Station — PS Play Station 2 — PS2 Play Station 3 — PS3 Play Station 4 — PS4 TV — tv VCR — vcr Watt — w Windows 98 — Win98 Xbox 360 — Xbox360 Xbox One — XboxOne Employment experienced — exp’d hour — hr Full Time — F/T Part Time — P/T references — ref’s required — req’d week — wk year — yr Garage Sales Time example: — 8a-5p Days — Fri-Sun Dates (if needed) — 3rd-4th Highway — Hwy Roads — Rd, Ave, Blvd, St, etc… Multiple — Multi Real Estate, Mobiles, Rentals $00 per month — $00/mo $00 deposit — $00/dep # bathrooms — #ba # bedrooms — #bdr apartment — apt commercial — comm'l double — dbl double wide — dbl for sale by owner — FSBO manufactured — mfg mobilehome — mobile no drugs — n/d no pets — n/p no smoking — n/s owner may carry — omc owner will carry — owc single wide — single take over payments — t.o.p. washer/dryer hook-ups — w/d hk-ups water/sewer/garbage paid — w/s/g pd Sporting Goods Ammunition — Ammo Bicycle — Bike Camouflage — Camo magnum — mag mountain — mtn Remmington — Rem Winchester — Win Cities Bandon — bd Brookings/Harbor — b/h Charleston — charl Coos Bay — cb Coquille — cq Crescent City, CA — cc Drain/Elkton/Scottsburg — hwy38 Florence — fl Gardiner — gar Gold Beach — gb Hauser — hau Langlois — lg Lakeside — lksd Mapleton — ma Myrtle Point — mp North Bend — nb Port Orford — po Powers — pw Roseburg — rsbg Reedsport — rdspt Remote — rm Winchester Bay — wb NOTE On Cities: At the end of the phone number designating which general area the ad is from, the abbreviation will be lower case. In the body of an ad when the city is needed it will still be abbreviated, but it will be in caps. Some categories are now separated by location.














Heavy Equipment

Misc. Auto

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Real Estate

DeEsta Kuehn

Classified Sales & Classified Manager

DeEsta Kuehn 22 years in the community, 20 years as a sales agent, and 19 years as the Classified Department Manager for The South Coast Shopper.


Katrina Smith

Classified Sales

Katrina Smith, a Coos County native, 2 years as a sales agent for the South Coast Shopper.


Sharon Ballard

Display Advertising Sales

Sharon has been a southern Oregon coast resident for 3 years with 20 years of experience in sales and marketing.


Britney Gordon

Office Manager & Bookkeeper

Britney Gordon, is a Coos County native, 1 year as Co-Office Manager, 10 years as Office Secretary for The South Coast Shopper, and has been Assistant Manager for the Classified Department for 3 years.