What does the Shopper have to offer?
The publication is FREE for readers to pickup up a print edition and also available online worldwide. We have fresh ads weekly and offer a range of pricing from free for qualifying private party items to paid larger ads. We aim to support community engagement a number of ways. We offer job listings to help readers find job opportunities which can help with unemployment rates and competitive job markets. The Shopper has housing, real estate ads along with goods and services which help boost the local economy. Community events encourage and promote involvement and engagement. We are a source of networking, our classified and display ads help individuals and organizations find potential collaborators, employees, and volunteers for community projects or to help drive business initiatives.  The Shopper gives free access to local information. Our editions are accessible for all, we offer print and online editions. You don’t need money or internet access to pick us up. We foster community engagement by providing a platform for the community to interact, by buying and selling goods and services, publishing events and opportunities for everyone.  
All classified ads from the South Coast Shopper are placed on the website each week, along with FREE access to the current and past e-Editions. Our website gets regular hits and the Classified ads on our website get noticed by Google searches very fast, this gives your item/business/service the most recognition and exposure. Our website gets approximately 5,000 views a month and continues to grow. ***NEW** Ask about early upload ads for the internet - you could get your ad online today!
The Shopper is consistent and published once a week, every Thursday, since 1982. We are distributed across four coastal Oregon counties: Coos, Curry, Western Lane, and Western Douglas. Our latest circulation audit has confirmed our circulation of 18,000 a week and has done readership studies to find that 2.2 people read each Shopper, which means approx 40,000 people on the Southern Oregon Coast read the Shopper every week. Our audit also found that people will still hold on to their Shoppers for a couple of weeks so they can refer back to it for a specific ad from a private party or business.  
Generations have grown up with the Shopper, some consider picking it up every Thursday a local tradition and we have heard many amusing anecdotes about how displeased people can get if they don't get their Shopper first thing Thursday. That is how dedicated our readership is!
Take advantage of this local gem, use the South Coast Shopper to introduce your merchandise and services to the community.
Grab a shopper at your local market!

Physical Address:

62706 HWY 101 S, Coos Bay, OR 97420

Hours: Monday-Friday • 8am-5pm

Office: 541-269-0310

Hotline: 541-269-9034

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